About Us

Since 1958, Bardella and Associates, a family owned business has provided excellence in service to clients in Northern California. Bardella’s tax preparation service covers almost all types of Federal and State returns.

Many of Bardella’s clients that have left Northern California still remain with us. We continue to service our clients who have moved out of state as well as out of the country.

Bardella’s staff includes Enrolled Agents as well as California Registered tax preparers who are available year round to assist you in income tax preparation and consulting.

We can prepare personal or business returns in whichever manner is easiest for you – an office appointment, mailing your information to us, dropping it off at our front desk (we will then call you back), faxing or emailing it to us.

The Staff at Bardella’s spend many hours each year in continuing education seminars so they can provide you with accurate up to date information. This eliminates your need to keep up on the latest law changes.

We also prepare sales tax returns and personal property tax statements. Our other services include consultation, tax planning, audit representation and bookkeeping services.

Bardella’s goal is to achieve a long-term relationship with their clients.